Welcome to Riku.AI

Riku is the vault of your A.I. creations and a place to save, distribute and experiment with the latest technology. Our team got tired of switching through multiple tabs and pages so built Riku.

You may be wondering what Riku is all about. There are a ton of different products coming to market which effectively wrap the API of a technology provider, give some half-assed prompt and let you use their generator. With all of this technology becoming a lot more accessible, the real value is in the data, the prompts and the minds behind those who can figure it all out to create greatness for their creations.

We're all about building a place to help you succeed. Riku is an aggregation of all the best tech on the market enabling you to play seamlessly with it in one easy-to-use playground. Switch the tech behind your models to see what performs best and which gives the best bang for your buck.

Riku is a blank canvass for you to build upon. It provides you the tools to create and share with the community and we're so excited to see what is built!

Riku allows you to generate text from OpenAI, EleutherAI's GPT-J, Cohere and AI21 in one single playground without any filters.

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