Importing from AI21

AI21 allow you to create fine-tunes for all of their standard models. You can currently do this on the Cohere website by selecting a file and uploading it, code isn't required. We are working on building a no-code friendly UX for this directly within Riku but for now, if you have created a fine-tune with AI21, you can import those models into Riku for your use.

To get started with importing your AI21 fine-tuned models into Riku, you will need to go to the AI21 dashboard which you can get to here. Once you are in the dashboard of AI21, you can see the models in the menu on the left. Look for the fine-tuned model which you want to import into Riku and select it.

Once we have selected the model which we want to import, we can click the API button in the top of the AI21 dashboard. We can then change this to curl and we can look at the URL. We want to take note of two things here. Firstly, we want to copy the fine-tune id. This is the string before /complete. We also want to note down which of the AI21 models this has been fine-tuned with. For this example, the answer is j1-large.

Within Riku, click on your API Settings tab or directly click here. See the Fine-tune Models option and select AI21 from the dropdown and hit the button to load the popup.

Write a name for the fine-tune that you recognize, this is just internal for you and for you to remember what the model does and nothing more. Then take the fine-tune ID that we got previously from AI21 and enter it into the second input. Finally, we need to put in the AI21 model which we noted in the previous step. When you are sure you have entered everything correctly, hit save.

If you then go to the Playground in Riku and change the technology to Fine-tuned Models you will see that the new fine-tune will appear and you can select it.

There we have it! It is that simple to add an AI21 fine-tune to your RIku account. You can then use that model in the playground, create saved prompts with it and even create public share links for others to use. I hope this guide has been useful!

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