Connecting Keys

All Riku accounts come with GPT-J connected using our infrastructure, for the other providers, you will need to add your own keys.

Adding your own keys does not need to be difficult. We will provide a quick walkthrough on how to get the keys from each of OpenAI, AI21 and Cohere in the next few pages. To add these to Riku, you will need to make sure you are on the API settings page.

Security is super important to us. Your keys are kept encrypted and separated from anything which specifies what they are used for. You are also able to delete your data at anytime, we do not keep a record of it once a deletion is made.

From here, you will see three boxes where you can add your keys. You won't be able to use these technologies on Riku until they have been added so we'd advise you to add them, if you do not then you can always keep using GPT-J.

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