EleutherAI is really an outlier in the model space as everything that they create is open source. You can host their models yourself on your own device and have the power of this AI technology without any filters, oversight and use it as you wish. They have been producing better and better quality models with GPT-Neo and GPT-J getting the most fans.

Whilst these models are open source, they are billions of parameters of data so you need to have a pretty hefty device to be able to run them efficiently and multiple requests at once can really cause problems. Unless you are willing to spend a ton of money in supporting this infrastructure, the open source dream is sadly out of reach for many.

What we like about EleutherAI is that they have a thriving Discord community and really clever people working on solving some of the biggest AI problems with no ulterior motive than to forward the movement and make the tech more accessible and less dominated by a few players. That is to be commended!

The models themselves are trained on quality data and perform incredibly well across most tests so for any serios AI afficionado, they should be part of your stack!

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