Ethical Considerations

This is a new technology and there are a lot of ethical considerations. Think about the content you are trying to create and what it means for the people who will be interacting with it. A lot of the content made online is made for the purpose of SEO and attracting the approval of a Google robot. This is not going to change. It is worth however considering any content that will directly interact with a human. Should they know that the content they received is not generated by a human? How far do we go?

Politics, fake news, explicit content, violence, drugs, where is the line to be drawn? When signing up for some of these commercial providers, you will see terms and conditions for the content that can be created. OpenAI and Cohere have quite strict content filters on anything explicit and violent. Others do not want their technology used for longer term content creation.

What you create is ultimately down to you but please consider the ethical arguments when playing with this technology and make a decision that works for you. That is how we like to play with this technology anyway.

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