Single Endpoint Export

Anything that you create within Riku or that is available in the community showcase can be used outside of Riku in your own projects or workflows. Why should this excite you?

Exporting prompts enables you to have full control over your AI creations. You can use them in your own applications or workflows. You are not restricted by what is available in Riku and you can build out more complex flows to suit your needs or instantly get the outputs where you need them.

It might seem daunting if you are not a coder as to how to do this but it is really quite simple and we try to explain it as easy as possible so you can set it up for yourself whether you are a no-code professional or have more extensive knowledge of code.

One of the common tasks that we get asked about is how you could set up a process where you enter some inputs and get the AI to output directly to a spreadsheet or Google Sheet. This is very simple to perform and we'll give you all the tools you need to succeed in setting up this process.

Having the ability to use your prompts on your own terms is incredibly powerful. There are a few different steps that we have to go through to unlock the full potential of using your prompts where you need them so let's get started!

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