Saving & Sharing Prompts

Once you have created a prompt you can save it to either have in your private collection or to share with the community. There is a purple button with 'Save Prompt' on it. Click this button and you will be asked to give the model a name and also to provide the number of input fields. If you are asking the end-user to give one detail before each output, you'd put 1, if there was more then you'd put that number. In, the maximum number of inputs is set as 5.

You will then be able to define the inputs. There are three fields to fill in for each input you specified. The first field is the input as it appears in the prompt, for example "Blog Name:", please make sure to provide the input as it is written and also the colon.

The second field is how the input will appear on the front-end when you call it within, for this example; "What is your blog called?" would work.

The final field for an input is an example of it being used so we could either use one of the examples we added to the prompt or something new. If we were doing a blog on AI Copywriting then we might want to add as the example for the third field "Why use an AI Copywriter?".

Next up is adding a description for the prompt. This will be helpful for members of the community to determine whether they want to use your prompt in the future. It will also give you memory of what the prompt is all about if you are not making the prompt public. Provide 30-50 words ideally for the prompt description.

The final step is deciding whether to make the prompt available in the community showcase or keeping it private within your account. You are in full control here. Saving a prompt for the community will let other members see the examples, design and settings you have chosen. Keeping it private means that only you can access it.

Expect a delay of up to 6 hours on community prompts being approved. We tend to approve them all but have to be vigilant for bad faith actors.

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