Full Example Export

On this page, we'll show a full export showing the steps we like to use. You will also learn how you can get the different code for NodeJS, Python, and many more methods.

We will go back to the board game example we showcased when we were getting the Prompt ID and can put that Prompt ID into our request.

curl --location --request POST 'https://prompts.riku.ai/webhook/run' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
	"Name": "YOUR NAME",
	"Secret": "YOUR SECRET",
	"Prompt ID": "1649450161206x134604324816551940",
	"n": 4

With this request, as there are no input fields - they have been removed. You will need to add in your details in the Name and Secret fields and you can then copy this and open up Postman and hit the Import button to Import this into Postman. You will need to select Raw and follow the simple steps.

Awesome! Now we have it in Postman successfully. If we wanted to test that it works. We can just hit the blue "Send" button in Postman to confirm we get the 4 outputs as specified in our "n" field. You can modify this number if you like to see how it affects the outputs.

Super! It works as intended and returns us an array of the outputs which we can then use in our own workflows. If I wanted to get the code for Python or other places, I can do that super easily from Postman. Here is how to do that.

So there we have it! From a single endpoint, you can use all of the best AI technology and we do all of that routing for you to ensure it goes to the right place. You just need to change the Prompt ID and ensure you have the right input fields set each time. It could not be easier! We're excited to see what you build using Riku!

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