Winning with Text Based AI

Creating text with AI will speed up your content creation, make your SEO better and ultimately make your business life easier. It can make a lot of difference but is not without some limits. We want you to have the most success with AI and creating content for your business and will be here to help you with the information you need for that success.

  • Keep it Simple - Don't try to create too complex content at one time. Train the AI to do one thing well and think about chaining multiple outputs together for longer content.

  • Longer Content is Unpredictable - The higher the output tokens you set, the more unpredictable that output will become. The AI works by trying to predict the next token in a sequence, the more freedom you give it, the more chance of it turning in a wild direction.

  • Patterns are Everything - Teach the AI a pattern and it will follow it forever. Reinforce that pattern with some examples and it will make the output better quality. Breaking a pattern will lead the AI to give you a poor quality output.

  • Use Quality Examples - Examples are what the AI will base its outputs on. There is no golden bullet in terms of number of examples to provide but the AI will want a wide array of diverse examples to pull from for the future outputs.

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